Emergency trailer – Exhibition

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Realization of special trailer for exhibition of medical technology in Germany. Semi-trailer is used as a background for providing first aid on different sport, cultural and other events with large number of people.

Great emphasis was placed on the equipment and design. For this reason we decided to use a curved front part, which is usually used on big semi-trailers. Trailer got its unique design and looks a lot more like a caravan than like a normal semi-trailer. Moreover the trailer didn´t lost any of its features or usual equipment – exactly opposite – in the front curved part, there is air conditioning.

Interior of the trailer is above standard as well – furniture is made of high quality materials with high gloss, there is integrated LED lighting in upper cabinets and lower lighting in the floor level. Switching of the entire lighting is done by LCD touchscreen, same as controlling the awning and other functions.

Front part of the trailer is used for relaxing of staff, it is equipped with TV, A/C and small kitchen unit with freezer and sink. Rear part contains all necessary equipment for medical check-up and basic treatment. It is good to mention the lowered part of ceiling, where A/C unit is placed. Air conditioning is surrounded with LED panels – the whole complex looks fantastic.