Trailer for Motorsport – KTM Sportmotorcycle

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For more than a year one of our trailers is in service for Austrian KTM Sportmotorcycle. It successfully passed the testing and examinations and because of that, KTM team decided to order next trailer from Cargo Design again. At this time here in Opava, we have another trailer in production for KTM.

We were invited to production and design department of KTM in Salzburg. Even though that we had big expectations, we were surprised by the precision and perfection of production, this is certainly a big inspiration for us. We also had an opportunity to get in touch with the concept of sports car KTM X-Bow. Furthermore, we were invited to circuit races and testing of these special sports vehicles on Masaryk circuit in Brno. In the pictures you can see our first trailer in service for KTM Sportmotorcycle team and the current production of its younger brother with slide-out side in front VIP room.

Detailed description of trailer here.