Range of activities

Based on many years of experience in the production of special vehicles, trailers and extensions for various purposes, our company is able to offer the users a fully equipped and completely finished car at top level.

Due to the specific offer of the extensions, modifications and assembled supplements, the scope of our clients is very wide, mainly because our business does not primarily deal only with transport, but also with activities where transport is only one part and the other part is the property of the extension, or the modified loading area for further work. This includes mobile banks, exhibition semi-trailers, etc. The advantage is maximum variability of the extensions we offer for almost any selected chassis.

In addition to production of these special extensions, our common area of our production includes:

  • production of box extensions (Cargo Van, Alu Van, Aluteam)
  • production of refrigerator, freezer and baker extensions (IZO, FNA, FRC, Lamberet)
  • platform extensions (open, tarpaulin, folding – EDSCHA, TSE)
  • preparation for application of refrigeration transport equipment (Thermo King, Carrier Transicold)
  • installation of hydraulic loading platforms (Dhollandia, Bär, Zepro, Dautel)
  • production and installation of tarpaulin structures, including tarpaulins
  • production of breakdown and emergency vehicles
  • installation of air suspension (Firestone)
  • installation of air-conditioning
  • installation of independent heaters (Webasto, Ebersprächer)
  • installation of electric generators
  • installation of reversing cameras
  • interior upholstery
  • production and installation of protective frames and ramps
  • installation of spoilers and fairings
  • installation of warning light beacons and ramps
  • installation of access ramps and forcing frames
  • installation of electric and hydraulic winches
  • installation of towing devices for cars, vans and trucks
  • installation of all accessories and supplements