We service and repair the following equipment:

Hydraulic platforms

We perform all service and repairs to hydraulic platforms (lifting ramps) of the following manufacturers:

  • Dhollandia
  • Bär
  • Zepro

Independent heating

We perform all service and repairs to independent water and air heaters of the following brands:

  • Ebersprächer

Air suspension Firestone

We perform service and repairs to auxiliary air suspension Firestone.

Electric generators

We perform service and repairs to electric generators and generating stations of the following brands:

  • Fischer Panda
  • Honda

Box and platform extensions

We perform service and repairs to all parts and components relating to box and platform extensions.

  • Glueing and production of tarpaulins
  • Repairs to pierced panels
  • Repairs to doors, locks
  • Repairs after an accident (including insurance settlement)
  • Service and repairs to auxiliary electric equipment of vehicles, etc.

When agreed, it is possible to perform repairs to other equipment as well, or possibly to equipment by other manufacturers that listed herein.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly provide you with additional information, we will prepare a price offer or arrange a service appointment.