VIP Motorhome (9/2014) – SOLD

 Imported top quality wall lining carpets, upholstery fabrics and floor coverings were chosen so the overall look would not be disturbed, and the interior would look and feel comfortable. As a whole, the interior looks very balanced though slightly exotic for a common European user thanks to the combination of materials and the colour interior solution.

The body is equipped with a slide-out side on the left with a length of 7.4 m – the lateral extension is 1 m. Thanks to this solution, the interior offers ample space for the crew. The vehicle can seat and sleep up to 8 people. The interior of the box body is divided into three compartments. The main living space is the largest. The seating area consists of sliding benches for 6 persons (2 x 3 people) which can be folded to create a bed. The living operating room is equipped with two large-screen LCD screens, a television, and a radio signal is ensured by a high-quality automatic satellite system. There is also a large fitted kitchen and ample storage spaces. The living part of the body is followed by a bathroom on the right, which is equipped with a sink, shower and toilet. Ventilation is provided by a fan and a sliding window. Moreover, special sliding ventilation windows are used throughout the vehicle. The dominant feature of the interior is the modern kitchen which contains all the elements a cook would need.. There is a large-volume fridge with a freezer compartment, a 4-zone ceramic induction hob, dishwasher, cooker hood, microwave oven, electric kettle and complete kitchenware. The utensils, cutlery and appliances are stored in kitchen organizers to prevent movement and damage during transit.. All supply and waste water pipelines and related storage tanks are heated so the vehicle is fully functional during winter. There are two single beds above the bathroom. Opposite the bathroom, there are two separate VIP, separately closed, independently fully air-conditioned bedrooms. In each of them there is a high-quality mattress with a slatted frame, a wardrobe cabinet, a LED bedside lamp, a 230V socket and a storage space for personal belongings. In the rear of the box body there is a large storage space accessible from the interior using two side shutters from the exterior as well. Above this space there is a large double bed. The front living compartment and bathroom can be used even when the extension is closed. The interior design is based on customer requirements, with our goal in mind to harmonize the different elements and create a consistent and clean design. The vehicle cab is connected to the body with a passage equipped with doors. The space between the cab and the body is almost completely eliminated by a spoiler developed especially for the vehicle. The final design is completed with a sticker with black stripes, which further combines the cab and the body of the vehicle. All compartments under the body floor are bonneted and comprise of the vehicle infrastructures – an air-conditioner, water tanks, a powerful generator, etc. The vehicle need not be connected to an external power source; the water-cooled generator comes from the manufacturer Fischer Panda which is one of the best in the world. It is characterized by high reliability and minimal noise during operation. Vibrations from the generator are negligible even when operates at night. In case the generator is not running or there are no external connections, emergency lighting with LEDs have been installed in all compartments. An electric remote control central unit controls all openings and trunks. The storage space in the rear is accessible from both the inner corridor of the interior of the motorhome, and from both external sides where we placed proven high-quality roller systems. A highly sensitive camera and a seven-inch screen in the cab assist the drivers vision when the vehicle is reversing.


Equipment of the extension:

  • Hydraulic slide-out side (increasing the interior space of a floor space of about 7 m2 / in a volume of approx. 16m3 )
  • Lower stabilizing legs
  • Air-conditioning – 3 units of heat pump, 4 units of independent oil heater
  • Kitchen – ceramic hob, sink, fridge with freezer, dishwasher, microwave, range hood, storage space
  • 2 units of TV connected to satellite + complete audio system
  • Benches approved for the ride, foldable to bed
  • 4 beds (80x200cm), 1 double bed
  • Openable windows
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink and shower
  • Thermally insulated + heated fresh water tank of about 450 liters, waste tank of about 200 liters
  • Three-phase bonneted generator – 8 kW, water-cooled, additional batteries, backup frame generator of 3.5 kW
  • Storage space in the rear part
  • Large-screen GPS navigation
  • Internal communication channel
  • Passage into vehicle cab
  • Keyless remote central locking of all entrances
  • Complete LED lighting throughout the vehicle

Virtual tour of the interior of the vehicle: