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Range of activities - CARGOdesign

Ing. Vít Škrobánek – Cargodesign

Range of activities

Based on our experience

We are able to produce anything

Based on many years of experience in the production of special vehicles, semi-trailers and extensions for various uses, our company is able to offer the users a fully equipped and prepared vehicle at the highest level.

We are flexible

Due to the specific offer of the extensions, modifications and assembled supplements, the scope of our clients is very wide, mainly because our business does not primarily deal only with transport.

Properties are essential

This is an activity where transport is only one part and the other part consists of the properties of the extension or the modified cargo space for further work. This includes for example mobile banks, exhibition semi-trailers, etc. The advantage is maximum variability of the extensions we offer for almost any selected chassis.

Our common area of our production includes:

Production of box extensions

Production of refrigerator, freezer and baker extensions

Platform extensions – open, tarpaulin, folding

Vehicles for special use

Installation of hydraulic loading platforms

Production and installation of tarpaulin structures, including tarpaulins

Production of tow and emergency vehicles

TV broadcast vehicles

Defence industry

You can see for yourselves

Whatever we touch, it works

Hydraulic platforms and crane assembly

We perform all service and repairs to hydraulic platforms (lifting ramps) made by Dhollandia, Bär and Zepro.

Independent heating

We perform all service and repairs to independent water and air heaters made by Eberspräche.

Air suspension

We perform service and repairs to auxiliary Firestone air suspension.

Electric generators

We perform service and repairs to electric generators and generating stations made by Fischer Panda and Honda.

Box extensions

We provide service and repair of all parts of box extensions, such as repairs of punctured panels, repairs of doors, locks, repairs after an accident, and more.

Platform extensions

Platform extensions – such as repairs of punctured panels, service and repair of additional electrical equipment of vehicles, etc.

When agreed, it is possible to perform repairs to other equipment as well, or possibly to equipment by other manufacturers than listed herein. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly provide you with additional information, we will prepare a price offer or arrange a service appointment.

We have many years of experience

We service anything

With our 30 years of experience, we have profound knowledge, which is why we provide service and repairs of various equipment, including hydraulic platforms, independent heating, air suspension, power generators and, of course, box and platform extensions.

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